What to Ask When Hiring a Landscaping Contractor?

Be Sure You Ask the Right Questions!

If you’re planning to get a new lawn installed on your property, you should start by asking for a list of references from your desired landscaping contractor. It’s easy to choose a company from a portfolio, but it’s best to check references from other clients to be sure you’re hiring the best local landscaper. Below are the questions that will help you with the selection process!

What is your minimum project budget?

It’s normal for landscaping contractors to charge a piece rate for their services which means that your contract will contain a pricing schedule that will include the service price broken down into various rates. For example, if you want a new lawn installed, there will be a base rate for the service, but if you want to include a flower bed, it’ll be a separate charge. Your landscaper should provide you with a price list that includes the service price broken down by various rates!

Do you provide free estimates?

Often, you will have to ask for a free estimate when it comes to hiring a landscaper. Your landscaper should provide you with a written estimate that includes the base service price and different rates for adding various services. The estimate should include all labor, material, equipment costs, time frame for the project completion, and a warranty for the workmanship!

What are my landscape maintenance requirements?

When you hire a landscaper, you should ask them about the maintenance requirements of your lawn. Your landscaper should know when to mow, fertilize, and mulch your lawn. Your landscaper should be able to provide you with a maintenance schedule that includes the times to mulch, fertilize, and mow your lawn. It’s easy to forget to do the maintenance tasks, but it’s better to have it written down!

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