What Is Low Maintenance Residential Landscaping

Low Maintenance Garden Ideas

Are you searching for low-maintenance residential landscaping ideas? Maybe you have a garden, however, do not like gardening. Or are you simply too busy and never seem to have the time to properly maintain your garden? We know looking after a garden can be somewhat time-consuming. However, you still want an exterior space that looks inviting. So carry on reading to learn more about how to achieve it!

Artificial Grass

Your lawn is the most high-maintenance area in a garden and does demand a lot of attention. Real grass is high maintenance, as it needs regular mowing, re-seeding, feeding, fertilizing, weeding, watering, well the list just goes on. One great solution is to get rid of it altogether and install artificial grass.

This offers the best of both worlds, a beautiful, natural-looking lawn that requires zero maintenance. Most of today’s artificial turf looks very much like real grass, and it remains green all year round. That means no more mowing, feeding, watering, feeding, well you get the picture.

Paved Areas

Paving is also low-maintenance when it comes to outside surfaces. You can replace the likes of beds and planted areas with paving, as this removes any hassle you have when dealing with them. There are various paving stones, cobblestones, and patio slabs, to choose from, all of which come in a range of styles, colors, shapes, and textures, that will create an attractive space.

Steer Clear of Fussy Plants

For a low-maintenance garden, there are some high-maintenance plants you should avoid. Steer clear of bedding plants, vegetables, seeds that will need sowing, annual flowers, tender plants, climbers and creepers that can rapidly spiral out of control, and plants that need extensive pruning like wisteria.

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