Summer Lawn Care Tips

The Right Care for Your Lawn This Summer

Summer can be a stressful time for your lawn. The drought can take a toll on your once-healthy lawn. Luckily, you can use a professional lawn care service to keep your grass thriving regardless of the hot weather. There are many ways to take care of your lawn, here are just a few:


Lawns need water to survive. If you do not water your lawn regularly, you are asking for problems, especially during the summer season. So be sure to water your lawn regularly. If possible, water your lawn at night so the water won’t evaporate quickly.


Your lawn needs fertilizer to grow well. You can buy fertilizer for your lawn or you can use natural fertilizers. If you decide to use fertilizer, you need to make sure it is the right type for your lawn. You can ask the advice of a professional if you aren’t sure which type of fertilizer to use.


Your grass needs to be mowed regularly to keep it in good shape. You can mow your lawn yourself or you can ask for assistance from a lawn service provider to do it for you. If you hire an expert, you don’t have to hassle yourself. You can spend more time doing something else while the lawn is getting the right care it needs.


Your trees need to be pruned to keep them in good shape. You can prune your trees yourself, or you can ask for assistance from a professional for more efficient and proper pruning of your lawn plants.

If you want to take care of your lawn this summer, you should call a professional lawn care service provider such as Landscaping Services By Carlos. Our company is based in Renton, WA. You can reach us by dialing (206) 420-0943 if you have concerns about any of our services. We’ll be more than happy to serve you!

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