Some Common Residential Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid

Prevent These Pitfalls With Your Landscape

Landscaping isn’t simple. Even small gardens and yards require muscle, skills, and tools. In this blog article, you will learn how to avoid common residential landscaping mistakes.

Putting plants in the wrong spot can have severe consequences. If you have decided to beautify your landscape with new vegetation species, putting them in anywhere can make your yard look chaotic and unbalanced. Besides, some plants need more sunlight, whereas others need a shady place. How much sunlight and water do they require? A professional landscaper can answer these questions.

Failing to prune your shrubs and hedges is another mistake. When you schedule their timely and proper pruning with a landscaping contractor, your greenery will look fresh and vibrant all the time. If you neglect them, your shrubs and hedges will start to look unkempt. You must be vigilant against plants that grow out of control.

Cutting the grass lower is another error that many property owners make. Some homeowners mow their lawn lower than they should on the pretense that it will not need going over so often. The problem with this train of thought is when the grass is short, it may create the illusion of bare spots, and the earth also becomes vulnerable to fungi and pests and produces weak roots that cannot absorb the nutrients.

You should also avoid overwatering your greenery. Plants have different watering needs and if you are unsure how to irrigate your garden, call a professional landscaper. People usually tend to overwater their landscape to save time.

Of course, this list is not complete. If you need additional information or planning a residential landscaping project for your property in Renton, WA, feel free to reach our prestigious company at (206) 420-0943. Landscaping Services By Carlos will lend you a hand!

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