Hire Our Landscaping Contractor for a Sturdy and Beautiful Retaining Wall

Is your home in Renton, WA built on sloped or elevated land? You may think it’s impossible to create a magnificent landscape on that kind of plot, but in fact, it is possible. Landscaping Services By Carlos is a reputable company that offers the planning and construction of sturdy and beautiful retaining walls.

Landscaping Services By Carlos is a trusted landscaping contractor in Renton, WA

Our landscaping contractor will first talk to you about the many aspects and benefits of building a retaining wall. This could be a complicated and costly project, so an upfront consultation with our team will help you get all the information you need. You need to know that retaining walls can be attractive and add safety to the property. But their length, height, and thickness have to be carefully planned. For walls taller than 2½ feet, we use bonding stones and install a drainage system for long-term stability. Bonding stones stabilize a wall and connect it to the slope that’s being retained. Drainage is critical, so we pay special attention to its installation. For walls of any size, landscape fabric is necessary to stop the soil from washing through the wall, creating erosion above and behind it. Our technicians will follow all the necessary steps to create your wall as a long-term and long-lasting investment.Landscaping Contractor Renton, WA

When you are about to begin your project, one of your most significant decisions will be the choice of material. Your retaining wall can be built out of brick, natural stone, and concrete, etc. Let our team help you make all those important decisions to ensure the curb appeal and safety of your property. Looking into specific design patterns? Our experts can help! Let’s design your retaining wall as a part of your home improvement.

Call us at (206) 420-0943 to make sure you are dealing with true professional landscaping contractors in Renton, WA!

If your property is located in Renton, WA and you need expert advice, get in touch with our reliable landscaping contractor. Landscaping Services By Carlos can be reached at (206) 420-0943.

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