Residential Landscaping Tips

Principles of Landscape Design

There are a few principles of design that have been used for centuries when it comes to residential landscaping, and they are listed below:

  1. Focalization

  2. Balance

  3. Simplicity

  4. Rhythm and Line


People are frequently more comfortable in landscapes that have a sense of proportion and balance. There are 2 major kinds of balance, which are symmetrical and asymmetrical.


Any good design will come with a focal point, this is a place where the viewer’s eye is first drawn to. Focalization is often referred to as focalization of interest, or simply a focal point. A focal point is said to be the strongest element in a design in any given view. A home’s focal point will usually be the front door. The landscape focal point is something close to the front door that will enhance the entrance of the home.


Keeping landscapes simple, this means not being cluttered or fussy. However, do not confuse this with complexity. Many landscapes do come with complex features, that will include architectural design, water and lighting features. Landscapes that bring a smile to people’s faces avoid using too many colors, shapes, and textures, however, this does not mean simplistic, boring, or no imagination.

Rhythm and line

When something in the landscape is repeated, a rhythm is established. In landscape design, the interval is often space. Plant groups of plants, lamp posts, benches, or other structures can be repeated to create this rhythm. Lines within a landscape can be established by the shape and form of planting beds, sidewalks when the grass meets pavement, and other hardscaping elements.

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