Residential Landscaping Tips You Can Use This Winter

Watering Your Landscape in Winter

When you prepare to maintain your landscape during the cold winter months, it’s important to understand the basic watering requirements. To best care for your plants, you should check the temperature, determine your region’s rainfall and choose appropriate watering timing. Here are some winter residential landscaping tips to remember:

Consider the Temperature

It’s essential to monitor the temperature in your landscape throughout the winter. Plants are affected differently by temperatures below freezing. Perennials, for example, will survive cooler temperatures, so you can usually forgo watering for those. However, evergreen trees, as well as newly transplanted or pruned shrubs, require more moisture and need to be watered during cool temperatures. Once the temperatures dip to 32 degrees or below, you should stop watering your landscape altogether.

Consider Your Region’s Rainfall

Another factor to consider when deciding how much to water in the winter is your region’s rainfall. Ideally, you want your area to receive at least an inch of rainfall each month. If your region is experiencing a dry winter, however, you may need to supplement the rain with additional watering. Check your local climate station to find out the average monthly rainfall and adjust your watering schedule accordingly.

Consider the Appropriate Timing

Finally, when deciding how often to water your landscape in the winter, you should also consider the appropriate timing. Early morning is the best time to water in the winter; this will provide plenty of time for your plants to absorb the moisture before the temperatures drop below freezing at night. In addition, you should also be sure to water slowly, as this allows the water to deeply penetrate the soil.

Caring for your landscape in the winter doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply check the temperature, determine your region’s rainfall and choose an appropriate watering timing to ensure your plants get the moisture they need. With the right knowledge and an attentive winter water schedule, you can maintain a happy and healthy landscape throughout the year.

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