Residential Landscaping Tips for Autumn

How to Master the Fall Landscape Season

Fall or autumn is an excellent time to install beautiful spring-blooming plants and flowers. The best candidates are hardy bulbs and perennials when it comes to residential landscaping.

The Facts on Fall Planting

Fall is not only a good time to sow grass seed; it is also a good time to plant fall garden plants such as shrubs and trees. Air temperatures have started to fall, however, the soil is still warm and the perfect environment for root development.

Cooler weather means plants are not as stressed by the heat. Plus, it has more rainfall that will help the roots as they grow and begin to store up energy reserves for the next season. Fall temperatures are more pleasant for gardeners too, so grab your spade or trowel and start to dig.

Planting seeds for a beautiful spring garden should always start in the fall. Some of the most beautiful plants and flowers that will grow under the warmth of the sun range from irises, lilies, hostas, peonies, ferns, and certain ornamental grasses. If you want a colorful yard next year, then fall is the time to start.

  • August through September is the time to start shopping and planning.

  • Late September through to early November is the best time to plant.

  • Spring is the time to start to watch all the amazing colors start to bloom.


The best time to plant these is early fall, as this allows the roots weeks of growing time before the ground eventually freezes over. Peonies are fall plants, meaning they can be grown in various conditions.


When are generally sold as bulbs, and are a great choice, as they can grow in a range of climates and are available in various colors, that range from pink-red, blue, purple, white, yellow, and orange, to name but a few.

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