Professional Residential Landscaping Tips

Landscaping Secrets From the Pros  

Smart residential landscaping not only adds interest to your yard but can also boost your curb appeal. And, you don’t have to empty your bank account in order to make a big impression. Use these professional tips that will add color, texture, and functionality to your landscape.

Planning for All-Year-Round Appeal

Evergreen shrubs do retain their leaves all year long, so they can provide cover and color. This will give your landscape some interest even in the winter months. Evergreen plants that are advantageously placed close to your home, such as in front of corners, will help to soften the vertical lines of your house, thus providing a more inviting appearance.

Connect Points of Interest With Walkways

Instead of trampling down your lawn, which will just cause a makeshift path of dead grass, consider creating an attractive walkway using the likes of concrete stepping stones, natural flagstone, brick, or crushed stone. This is about connecting the elements in your landscaping to pull everything together. Construct a path or walkway, or any other landscaping feature using materials that are similar to what’s used on the exterior of your home, for example, brick or stone, as this will tie the path more to your home.

Bringing a Corner to Life with a Berm

One way to add interest to your landscape is by building a berm, this is a mound that you can cover with either rocks or a flower garden. Berms bring add color and texture to an otherwise flat, uninteresting lawn with the likes of foliage, colored stones, or flowers. They can add height also if they are built on a mound. You can put them anywhere, however, they are more effective on the corners of a lawn.

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