Oddly Unique Flowers to Grow According to Landscaping Contractor

Peculiar Flowers to Cultivate in Your Yard

Although many plants claim to have beautiful blooms, a plant must go above and beyond to be considered to have unusual flowers. One way or another, its blossoms must be remarkable. It may have bi-colored flowers in certain instances, or it may have exceptionally enormous or weirdly shaped blossoms in others. You can differentiate yourself from your neighbors by growing these plants, which will also add visual interest to your garden that you probably won’t find elsewhere. Some of the most unique flowers that landscaping contractors want you to know that you may grow in your yard are listed below.

Blue Poppy

The unusual blue poppy flower looks like a blue umbrella with a fuzzy yellow core. These large, spectacular blooms, which arise in the summer, can measure 4 to 5 inches across. The cultivation of this plant can be a little unpredictable. It prefers a steady stream of moisture—but not too much. In addition, it needs neither a too-chilly nor a too-hot summer or winter.

Secret Lust Coneflower

Contrary to its common name, Secret Lust is not a coneflower. It has a puffy center disk instead of a cone at the center of the flower. The flowers are highly fragrant and range in size from one to three inches. Once they start to produce seeds, they are also effective at luring birds. It can withstand most situations except damp soil, so be sure to choose a location with sufficient drainage for this plant.

Red Hot Poker Plant

Due to their cylinder shape and the bright hues of their long, slender flower spikes, red hot poker plants receive their name. Even some cultivars have flowers with colors that resemble flames. Removing the wasted blooms from this plant, often known as “deadheading,” is beneficial. As a result, more flowering will be encouraged.

Amethyst in Snow

In the spring and summer, Amethyst in Snow offers a wide variety of fascinating blooms. The exquisite bicolored flowers have a purple center surrounded by white petals. This plant’s tendency to spread makes it perfect for use as a ground cover. It can be divided every few years to prevent it from spreading and encourage new, healthy growth.

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