Lawn Care Tips

Remedies to Rescue a Dying Lawn

The path to a beautiful lush lawn doesn’t have to be paved with various chemical treatments. There are a few homegrown lawn care tips and techniques you can try to help your grass to grow lush and green.


Lawns need regular watering; they require food also. While synthetic fertilizers will aid with the growth, they will also attract pests, which is worse in many respects. Instead, consider providing the essential nutrients in a more natural way by laying down some compost. This all-natural solution will add much-needed organic matter back into you lawn.

Epsom Salt

A simple soil test can help you to determine the overall health of your soil. What you are looking for is a neutral pH of 7, however, if the results are acidic, you will have to amend the soil. This is where a natural cure such as Epsom salt comes in handy. Despite its name, this is not actually salt, but a sulfate and magnesium compound, and, is a natural deterrent for pests. Apply with either a lawn spreader or dilute in water to apply it to your lawn.

Boiling Weeds

Serious weed infestations are a sign of poor soil, however, even the healthiest lawns will benefit from weed control. Hand pulling with a hand weeder tool works for young seedlings, however, once a taproot is established, you need to use the big guns. For a non-chemical approach, pour some boiling water on them, which will immediately, and irreparably damage the leaves and your weeds will start to die off.

Mulching Leaves

Rather than raking your leaves every autumn, mulch them into your lawn instead. Run over them with your lawnmower a few times, until the pieces are the size of a dime. They will start to decompose and will enhance the soil with vital nutrients.

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