Lawn Care Tips on How to Deal With Dandelions

How to Get Rid of Dandelions in Your Lawn

A dandelion is a wild broadleaf perennial that is found almost everywhere. Come the spring, it produces yellow flowers, and once these have dried up, the parachute-like seeds develop. These are easily dispersed by the wind. So if you have them popping up all over your garden, the following are a few lawn care tips on how to deal with them.

Are Dandelions a Weed?

When growing on a well-kept lawn, dandelion is considered to be a weed and a plant that is not valued. That said, dandelions do have some redeeming qualities.

Are Dandelions Good for Lawns?

A resounding yes, dandelions’ robust root system, which can often be feet long, can actually loosen soil that is compacted. That can aerate and allow water and nutrients to penetrate the ground. Dandelions also draw in nutrients and return them to neighboring plants. Lastly, they reduce erosion by holding soil firmly in place. Too many dandelions can, however, rob your lawn of water and nutrients needed to thrive. The trick is to maintain a balance and keep dandelion numbers down using an effective management strategy.

When Do Dandelions Grow in Lawns?

Although dandelions are one of the first flowers to arrive in spring, the flower and seed heads are seen all year round in soil temperatures of around 75 F. However, they go dormant in winter.

Is It Bad To Pull Dandelions?

Even though it is tempting to pull dandelions out, try not to, as you are taking away the benefits they provide to the soil and the surrounding plants. In addition, dandelion flowers are a source of food for bees and other such pollinators. So eradicating too many of these can have long-term consequences for the environment.

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