Lawn Care Tips for a Low-Maintenance, Eco-Friendly Backyard

A Low-Maintenance, Sustainable Backyard

The need to protect the environment has never been greater, and you can start today by creating an eco-friendly garden. Integrating environmentally responsible design and upkeep into your landscaping will not only contribute to environmental preservation but also result in a lovely, inviting yard that is easy to maintain.

The following advice (courtesy of a trusted lawn care company) will help you create a low-maintenance yard that also happens to contribute to a greener environment. Don’t hesitate to include it into your upcoming landscape design or redesign!

Choose Native Plants

Look for local flora while selecting plants and trees for your yard. Native trees and plants are adapted to the local climate and rainfall patterns, and they also serve as habitat and attract birds, butterflies, and other useful local animals. Because they are inherently resistant to local pests and diseases, native plants require very little maintenance once they are established. They require no additional watering, herbicides, or fertilizers, making them simple, affordable, and environmentally friendly to maintain.


Mulch made of organic materials like wood chips, bark, leaves, and pine needles has many advantages. Mulch helps plants stay alive and healthy by controlling soil temperature and holding onto moisture. It also reduces weed growth in flowerbeds, making maintenance simpler. Organic mulch offers the additional benefit of enriching the soil with nutrients as it decomposes. In addition to assisting in the retention of moisture in the root zone, mulching under trees to the drip line also helps to minimize the footprint left by your lawn. Mulch can help your landscaping use less water outside by up to 50%. Grass lawns are notorious water guzzlers.

Keep Your Grass High and Dry

Mow more regularly and leave the grass longer when you mow (no more than a third of the entire blade length should be removed at one time). Your lawn will be healthier and retain more water. Keep your grass cuttings on the yard as well. Clippings from your lawn will keep it moist and healthy because they are 75–85% water and rich in nitrogen. You can put the grass clippings in your new compost bin if you really can’t stand to leave them on the lawn.

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