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Lawn Care Myths Busted

There is a great deal of information about lawn care floating around the ether. Some are true, and some are not. Read on to learn what to do and what not to do if you want the best lawn this season.

Watering Myths

Myth #1: A Garden Hose Is More Cost Efficient Than a Sprinkler System

Using a hose to water your lawn is more ineffective than you may realize. People who water their lawns manually have been known to overwater some areas while leaving others thirsty. This can quickly result in overwatering, brown patches, and a significant increase in your water bill. Making it somewhat of a guessing game for homeowners.

But, due to advances in technology, today’s sprinkler systems can conserve more water than ever before. Most newer sprinkler systems come with technology such as rain sensors and soil moisture sensors that will help to regulate watering times.

By knowing how much moisture is in the soil, these sensors can prevent the automated system from watering when it is not needed.

These more advanced systems offer larger water droplets that are more wind resistant and can deliver water to areas at a slower rate. Updating your irrigation system will save you up to 20% on your annual water bill.

Myth #2: You Can Water Your Lawn Any Time of Day

The best time to water your lawn is from 4 am to 10 am. Watering at night is the worst thing to do for a lawn as the water stays on the grass without the sun burning it off, and the warm weather and darkness, when combined, will promote mildew and fungus growth. Watering at the hottest part of the day will mean moisture evaporation by the sun rather, instead of it soaking into the soil.

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