Lawn Care Mistakes to Avoid

Biggest Lawn Care Mistakes Homeowners Make

They do say that if people can learn from their mistakes, they will be much better off in life. However, if you can learn from others’ mistakes, well, that is even better. That way, you don’t have to make the mistake yourself when it comes to lawn care.

Not Testing Your Soil

Most homeowners will just plant grass without giving a thought to the pH levels. Most grass thrives in soil that has a pH of 6 – 6.5. So consider sending a sample to your local lab for testing, and they will tell you what your soil needs in order to make the grass stay healthy.

Investing In The Wrong Kind of Seed

You may or may not realize it, but most grass seeds do actually contain weeds. If you don’t believe it, remember to read the labels. You will see a percentage of “weed seed” and “other crop” that is contained in the bag. So make sure that you look for premium seed that says 0% weed seed.

Planting Only One Kind of Seed

Choosing the right grass is important. Planting various seed types will help your lawn to become more established as the seeds’ strengths and weaknesses begin to offset one another. Turf that has multiple seeds is far more likely to survive conditions such as heat and drought, than a single-seed lawn.

Scalping Your Lawn

Mowing your grass too short is detrimental to your lawn, and will often put it into shock. This is because cutting too much will significantly reduce its ability to absorb sunshine, this is what allows it to perform photosynthesis through the leaves and make food. It will also weaken the root system.

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