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How to Prepare a Yard for Landscaping

Ask any professional landscaping contractor and they will tell you that preparation is key to achieving the landscape of your dreams. As it saves on time and money by reducing the chances of delays, creates the ideal environment to introduce new and additional features. It can also help you to determine the budget by uncovering any conditions that can cause additional expense when work begins. After creating a plan for the features that you want in your landscape, organizing and making preparations can be put into motion.

Evaluate and take an inventory of your garden’s permanent structures, and map where they are placed. This will allow you to focus on areas that will be more affected by the landscaping project and what their specific preparation needs are. For example, if you want to add a water feature, you must know all the hidden hazards, like underground power lines, and the pond’s proximity to electrical sources, in order to power it.

Take out any organic and inorganic debris, dead plant life, rubbish, and weeds from your lawn. Debris can include any rocks you don’t want, fallen leaves, woody material, vegetable, and food waste. Rubbish can include the likes of plastic bags, animal waste, and household waste. You can add dead or diseased plants to your compost pile if you want. Remove weeds manually, or, if your yard is big, use herbicide.

Prune all the plants that remain as part of the landscape with pruners, or garden shears. The pruning techniques used, like limbing up, will vary depending on the condition of the tree, bush, or flower. And remove all limbs, branches, and leaves that are diseased, weak, or dying.

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