Landscape Maintenance Service for Star of Bethlehem Flower

Tips in Caring for Star of Bethlehem Flower

The recommended way to plant Star of Bethlehem bulbs is to dig holes 3-6 inches deep in loamy, moist soil and drain well. Make sure to position the bulbs with the pointed end facing upwards, and space them at least 4 inches apart. Although a sunny location is ideal for showcasing flowers, having some shade is also permissible. For those residing in colder climate zones, it is recommended to provide winter protection for the bulbs by placing a 3-inch layer of mulch over them. Once the soil thaws during the spring and the plants begin to appear, it’s advisable to eliminate the mulch. Continue reading to gain further insight into effectively nurturing this variety of flowers like a professional landscape maintenance service.


To maintain consistent soil moisture levels without causing waterlogging, it’s important to water the Young Star of Bethlehem plants frequently. Fully grown plants can withstand some level of soil dryness, although they still prefer a moderate degree of moisture. During spring and summer, when the plant is flourishing, it is advisable to water it when the soil feels dry about two inches beneath its surface. During dormancy, the plant’s moisture requirements are reduced, and additional watering is typically unnecessary. Cease watering as soon as the green leaves of the plant start turning yellow following the end of the blooming period.


Star of Bethlehem can tolerate some shade, but it thrives best in a location that receives full sun, which equates to at least six hours of direct sunlight on most days. Maximum exposure to sunlight will lead to better blooming.


The Star of Bethlehem blooms prolifically when cultivated in fertile soil. To foster robust growth, add a compost blend to the soil annually in the springtime. Extra fertilization is not required and could impede the blooming process.


The Star of Bethlehem thrives best in soil that is rich in loam. Good soil drainage plays a crucial role in ensuring the thriving of plants. When the soil is saturated with water, the bulbs may deteriorate.

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