Landscape Design Service Tips

Landscape Design Tips and Trends

All homeowners want a landscape design service to make the most out of their space, and that includes the outdoors too. Thoughtfully designed lighting is an element that can provide a wonderful, warm, and inviting space. From gathering around an outdoor fireplace to subtle downlights in a glowing swimming pool, lighting design does add dimension and can enhance a homeowner’s ability to enjoy their exterior living spaces with both family and friends.

Create Comfortable Gathering And Entertaining Spaces

Cooking and entertaining are at their height right now. Features that will never go out of style are seating arrangements that offer inviting spaces for family gatherings, fireplaces, and heaters that can help to extend the seasons, and lighting to enjoy the evenings. Enlisting your landscape designer can help to make your exterior living experience an extension of your interior. Some other trends include a full kitchen and bar, in addition to a lounging area. This can even include a TV to watch sporting events or audio to encourage dancing or singing. If insects are a problem, a screened-in porch or gazebo is a good option. This can also help to provide much-needed protection from the sun in the scorching summer and adds more warmth in the spring and fall months.

Adding Functional Kitchen And Bathroom Features

If you are looking forward to spring and some fun outdoor entertainment, then grab your swimsuit and stock the fridge as you and the family relax poolside this coming season. You can increase your experience with an exterior kitchen that includes the likes of a refrigerator/ice maker, sink, and even a few storage cabinets. An exterior shower that is integrated into your landscape will provide both form and function.

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