Landscape Design Service and What to Expect

What to Include in a Landscape Proposal

Things have changed since the days that a landscape design service proposal was a basic one-page line-item invoice that just needed a signature. Instead of being a rundown of services and pricing, landscape proposals give companies a chance to express their differentiating qualities and to show why they’re the best company for your project. While some still use a simple one-pager, the reality is if you do not present a professional landscape proposal, your competitors will most certainly be.

Cover Letter

A covering letter must be included to introduce the company. This could be a personalized letter from the owner thanking the customer for giving them the opportunity to bid on their project, and discussing why their company is the best choice for the job, in addition to inviting them to ask further questions.

For commercial projects, especially if the bid was in response to an RFP, this cover letter must address the project being bid on, state project qualifications, and answer introductory questions posed in the RFP.

Landscape Bid

Of course, it stands to sense that the bid is one of the most important parts of a landscape proposal. This must detail line-by-line costs for materials, labor, equipment, and any other related costs. It should also provide the final bid amount and any details of discounts provided.

Visual Representation of Project

A CAD drawing, or the rendering of the project, when relevant, can be a great addition to a landscaping proposal. As it not only helps to show the proposed solution for the area but also increases the chances of you accepting the bid. This is because a visual rendering helps you to emotionally connect with the project, which means you do not have to try to visualize the project, it is laid out in front of you.

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