Insights From a Landscaping Contractor on How to Handle Weeds

All About Perennial Weeds and How to Handle Them

Weeds are a common nuisance in gardens and landscapes, but what sets some apart from the rest is that they’re perennial. Perennial weeds, unlike their annual counterparts, live for several years, growing back each year from underground root systems or from stored energy in their root systems. This means that some weeds, like thistle and bindweed, are particularly hard to get rid of. Let your reliable landscaping contractor tackle these kinds of perennial weeds:


Thistles are one of the most common kinds of perennial weeds. They’re characterized by large, spiny leaves and flowers with prickly stems. Thistles can spread quickly, mainly due to their propensity to produce large amounts of seeds. The best way to control thistles is to remove them by hand, either by digging them up or cutting them off at the base. Herbicides can also be effective if applied properly.


Bindweed is a common perennial weed that is often found in lawns, gardens, and agricultural fields. It is characterized by its distinctive arrowhead-shaped leaves, as well as a long, sprawling stem that can root into the ground. Digging or pulling out bindweed is the most effective way to get rid of it, but herbicides can also be used if needed.


Quackgrass is another common perennial weed that is recognized by its wide, yellowish-green leaves and slender, flat stems. It is a particularly aggressive plant, and it can spread quickly through rhizomes. The best way to tackle quackgrass is to dig it up and remove as much of the root system as possible. If that’s not an option, herbicides can be used to kill it.

Perennial weeds can be a tough challenge, but they don’t have to be. With regular maintenance and the right approach, you can control most kinds of perennial weeds. Just remember to always use herbicides responsibly and to take necessary safety precautions when dealing with them.

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