Expert Lawn Care Tips

Reviving Your Dying Lawn Can Be Easy

Having a healthy and lush lawn is what homeowners want, for sure. However, if you’re not paying attention you can run into issues with a dying lawn. If your lawn is looking worse, worry not! There are many tricks and techniques you can take to revive it and make it great again. For more information on how to get your lawn up to scratch, keep reading and find some expert lawn care tips!

Watering Properly

Watering your lawn correctly is a great place to start to get it looking healthy again. Grass requires approximately one inch of water a week to stay alive, with more if your climate is particularly hot and sunny. Make sure you’re not giving it too much water either as this can create issues, too. If your lawn doesn’t receive enough water, it will start to become yellow, straw-like, and exhausted. Add water to the point that your soil can no longer absorb it and monitor your lawn over the course of several weeks – if you still aren’t getting any improved results, then it could be time to investigate other problems.

Use the Right Fertilizers

Fertilization is key for a healthy lawn and it’s important to choose the right product at the right time of the year for the best results. The best approach is to purchase a type of fertilizer that will replenish the important nutrients in the soil – great options are natural and organic compounds that are designed specifically for lawns. When you’re out purchasing fertilizer, also be sure to check the packaging to ensure it is effective against the climate you live in.

Don’t Mow Too Long or Too Short

When mowing your lawn, it’s important to avoid mowing too short and too long – too much or inadequate maintenance will take a toll on your grass. Your grass should never be cut shorter than two and a half inches, and if it’s cut longer than three and a half inches, it’s generally too long. Select a middle ground of about two and three-quarter inches so you can benefit from the minimal effort and best results.

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