Essential Lawn Care Tips for Winter

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Don’t let down just yet, even when winter has arrived and your lawnmower is put away for the season. Just because it has gotten colder doesn’t mean that lawn care stops. There are essential things you can do in the winter to ensure that your lawn is healthy and green when the weather warms up in the spring, even though your grass needs more upkeep in the spring, summer, and fall. Here are some tips you can do during wintertime:

Stop mowing.

Stop mowing your lawn right away. Anything below 5°C should cause your lawn to stop growing over the winter, at which point you won’t need to mow it. At this point, mowing it can result in needless damage. Only mow the lawn when it is essential and the weather is suitable. Therefore, it is not recommended to mow if a heavy frost or snow is predicted or if the ground is too wet. It can be the perfect time to clean, maintain, or have your mower serviced in preparation for spring.

Look out for water puddles.

A clue that the soil is compacted is the appearance of water puddles on your lawn following a period of heavy rain. Therefore, aerating it later in the spring will be beneficial. To relieve compaction, use an aerator or a garden fork. By doing this, you will increase airflow to the root system and enhance drainage. resulting in greener grass in the end.

Sweep up fallen leaves.

Using a light rake or brush, periodically clean up any debris and fallen leaves as part of winter lawn maintenance. Fallen leaves will trap moisture, which will promote microbial growth and worm activity. However, be cautious to limit foot traffic as this could harm your lawn. Use the garden hose spray to irrigate the yard. Keep the soil moist after that; don’t let it dry out.

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