Commercial Landscaping Service Tips

The Basics of Good Commercial Landscaping

Everyone knows or should know that a well-designed and maintained landscape increases the curb appeal of a home. The same can be said for commercial landscaping. From lush green foilage to eco-friendly alternatives, a beautiful landscape makes a commercial property inviting to customers and employees. This can be easily achieved by hiring a commercial landscaping service.

Commercial Landscaping Basics

Good commercial landscaping needs to be easy to maintain and seamlessly complement the design and style of the business. Here is how to achieve it.

  • Define your message. Even if you have never thought of it this way, your business and building do need to project a brand. Such as what you want visiting clients to feel when they come to your business. Whether it is professional, fun, or edgy, you can use landscaping to give a message. For instance, fountains and brightly colored flowers provide a light-hearted approach, while green roofs say that you care about the environment and sustainability.

  • Find a purpose. Landscaping can encourage people to linger or send them on their way. How? By providing tables, benches, and low seating walls that will invite people to linger and enjoy their surroundings.

  • Complement the architecture. Both soft and hard landscaping should be chosen to highlight the business’s best features. For example, older structures will look better using wood or brick elements. Modern buildings are better accented with metal and concrete elements.

  • Think environmentally. Commercial landscaping has come such a long way in embracing water and energy conservation. For example, shade trees will help to keep interiors cool and block chilly winds. Green roofs can help to reduce heating and cooling bills while helping to control any water run-off.

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