Best Purple Flowering Plants to Grow for Residential Landscaping

Top Purple Flowering Plants for Landscape Cultivation

When employed in residential landscaping, purple flowers and plants with purple foliage offer a calming impact. Purple flowers conjure up images of wealth and elegance in addition to their hue, which has long been associated with royalty. Green plants with purple blossoms make a wonderful addition to any garden or landscape. There are numerous shade variants of purple flowering plants, from graceful lavender to dark and rich violet. They are available as ground coverings, climbing plants, spring bulbs, fall-blooming wildflowers, and more. Enjoy looking through this collection of plants with purple flowers that will enhance the colors in your yard.


The cultivar “Purple Dragon” adds light purple flowers to Lamium maculatum, which is most famous for being a ground cover plant with silvery foliage. According to the cultivar, it is also available in pink, mauve, red, and white. Purple dead nettle, or Lamium purpureum, is a plant with reddish-purple flowers and purple foliage that doesn’t get much taller than 9 inches. Lamium plants need to be kept out of the way because they don’t like being walked on. Keep the plants out of direct sunlight as it will quickly scorch the leaves.


One of the most well-known purple flowers is the petunia, which is distinguished by its large, trumpet-shaped blooms. The petals come in many styles, including double blooms, ruffled, smooth, striped, solid hues, and even variations with heart-shaped patterns. Petunias are frequently used as bedding plants, in window boxes, and in hanging baskets. Early May till the first frost is when they are in flower. Additionally, they require plenty of sunlight and water to stay hydrated and flower.


The most popular species of larkspur grown in gardens is Consolida ajacis, which is a strong and resilient annual flower. The main stalk of these plants bears spikey blooms that reach heights of 3 to 4 feet. These flowers bloom in the spring and summer and develop swiftly from seeds. These annuals have a high potential for self-seeding, which would result in perennial growth. Larkspurs are poisonous, therefore keep in mind to not plant them where there will be dogs or children around.

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