4 Lawn Care Tips From the Specialists

Regular Lawn Caring Routine

Lawn maintenance can be tiring, time-consuming work. When you buy your first house, you may very well put yourself in the position of having to look after a lawn for the first time in your life—just one of the many joys of getting a foot on the property ladder! But don’t be daunted. Once you’ve managed to establish a regular lawn care routine, you’ll be surprised by how easy—and even enjoyable—this task it can be. To help you get started, here are 4 lawn care tips from the specialists.

Water your grass during dry periods

If your property is seeing regular rain, it may not be necessary to water the grass yourself. However, your lawn will begin to exhibit signs of stress after roughly a week without moisture, so water your lawn heavily once or twice a week during low-rainfall periods.

Feed your lawn—but don’t overfeed it

You can use lawn fertilizer to make sure your grass is getting the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. Wait until your lawn is dry, and bear in mind that more fertilizer doesn’t mean better results.

Deal with weeds promptly

Weeds are unsightly, and they compete with your grass for sunlight, moisture, and nutrients. To give your garden the best chance of staying green and unspoiled, be sure to tackle any weeds ASAP! Read our list of common UK garden weeds to watch out for.

Aerate your lawn occasionally

Over time, your garden soil will become compacted by rainfall and foot traffic. Aeration is a good solution to this problem—this involves spiking holes in your lawn to loosen the soil and facilitate the flow of air and moisture. We recommend aerating your lawn every two or three years, ideally in the autumn.

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